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Why We DNA Test and Register the DNA for Each of Our Dogs

FRAUD PREVENTION, and to give you the  buyer peace of mind. 

It has come to many breeder's and buyer's attention that pups have been sold under the pretense of a certain parentage.  

The strangest things happen.  A German Shepherd that looks like a Rottweiler is DNA tested and turns out to be 50% Rottweiler, yet was sold for $3500 as a pure bred GSD!  A pup is sold as being a top show-line pup is purchased for $3500 plus many $$$ in addition and is DNA tested and turns out its Sire is a complete different dog/bloodline than was promised. Or, a small litter, but great combination, is born and the breeder has another litter of a lesser combination and adds that to the registration as being part of the better combination... (In the name of money, of course)

No matter what happens, your pup is UN-remittable when you discover this AFTER the fact.  Sure, you may have AKC or SV papers, however, they are useless for show/breeding. So, ASK tp see  proof of ownership of Sire/Dam, AKC  litter registration.  You can then call the AKC DNA department and ask for verification. (tel nr: 919-816-3508)

The AKC does not  enforce DNA registration, except from imported dogs. We as responsible breeders, must do this to ensure 'quality control'. You see so often $500 - $1000.00 dogs champion line german shepherds. I have called on many of them and could never get a DNA registrations number or the puppy registration number to call and verify  the pedigree they are proclaiming.   All breeders I know and work with have DNA on file with AKC and, like us, do not hide a bit of the proof of what we are selling.