Breeders of Quality German Shepherds

In the Heart of Kentucky

Selecting your New Puppy

                                             Our specialty at Mid-Kentucky German Shepherds is making the right match!

                                                                                 We discourage making impulse decisions!
        Anyone who wants a wonderful family companion with a rock solid temperament can go in blindfolded to any of our litters and pick a pup. However, some families have particular needs. Some want more drive for higher training while others want a lower-key dog. Some potential owners want protection, agility, breeding, search, rescue, therapy, K-9, family pets.
      We act as your advocate when you come to Mid-Kentucky German Shepherds. We try to understand a day in your life of and work you not only to select the best pup but to give you support afterward.  
       Sometimes a specific puppy is the obvious choice at birth to be “The One” for you. However most often your pup is not actually selected until week 7 when you visit and we have an idea of the nature of each puppy compared to your needs.  We do selections first on our reservation list and downward. We don’t charge more for first choice in our litters. We give your our best opinion, but the choice is all yours.  If you are not able to make a puppy visitation, we will be more than happy to select the puppy we feel would fit your situation the best. And of course, the pictures and videos are always being updated for you to see as they grow with us.
       Everyone has heard of a pup being a lifelong commitment, but German Shepherds in particular need to be part of the family because of their high pack drive. The pack drive is the dog's desire to want to be with its handler, one of the traits we so love in shepherds! Our pups deserve a lifetime commitment. Should that not be possible (we understand circumstances can change) Mid Kentucky German Shepherds has a first right of refusal clause written in our purchase agreement. That certainly speaks to our loyalty to our dogs! If for any reason you can no longer care for your dog, just call us and make arrangement with us to bring it back to us or let us help you find it a new home.
                                                                      How do we learn about each puppy??

Beginning at birth, we spend a significant amount of time each day handling the pups, and as they grow we carefully observe their behaviors and social interactions to gain an understanding of their individual personalities. As time goes on, tug playing and ball playing and the many additional socialization experiences we provide to our pups also serve as important parts of our evaluation process. We keep careful eye on each pup's reaction to new environments and situations, as this provides great additional insight into that pup's personality.

I have created a checklist of numerous socialization items to explore with each new puppy, constantly am making a lot of notes about them. Starting at 5 weeks old I begin methodically exposing each puppy to many new experiences to aid them in becoming a more socialized puppy by the time they head to their new homes. This will be sent home with each new owner so that you know how much your puppy has already been exposed to and where to pick up or continue working on should you choose to do so. I have breed specific tests that I give them to help us identify what type of home they would most likely be best suited to. 

My goal is that the puppy has positive experiences, not neutral or bad ones while learning and growing as much as possible at this young impressionable age.

Each puppy will have been used to being walked on a leash. Will have had a field trip to our Vetinarian. (We don’t do park or other trips away from our home or meeting and greeting different people for socializing due to Parvo concerns.)

Checking the ears Examining mouth and gums Opening the eyelids Squeezing the feet Handling and trimming the toenails Pinching skin Poking the skin with a capped pen Touching and squeezing the nose Poking the nose with a capped pen Cradling puppy in your arms on its back Holding him in your lap Holding puppy upside down Holding puppy on its back while giving a belly rub Hugging your puppy Pulling the collar (gotcha) Grabbing puppy by other part of body Wiping body with a towel Putting on a head halter Putting on a harness.

New Surfaces
Concrete Slippery floors such as hardwood, linoleum or marble Metal surfaces-such as manhole covers, vet hospital scales Wobbly surfaces such as BOSU® ball, a board on top of a book or unbalanced thick tree branch, a wobble board Stairs Wet grass Mud (Ice, frost, or snow season permitting)

Scary Sounds
Thunder, Fireworks Alarms Dogs barking Doorbell wringing Traffic   Jack hammers, power saws, Vacuum cleaner, Sirens, stereo, Gun Shots

Objects with wheels
Garbage cans outside, Bikes, Cars, Walker, Vaccuum Cleaner, Rolling Suitcases, Dolly, Wagon, Tractor

Houshold items
Pots and pans Blankets or rugs being shaken Brooms Balloons Umbrellas Bags blowing in the wind Sidewalk signs Garbage cans in the house Garbage cans outside Plastic bags blowing the wind Large plastic garbage bags Metal pans or other metal surfaces Metal-pens