Breeders of Quality German Shepherds

In the Heart of Kentucky

Our Breeding Program
We researched and carefully selected for temperament, health, and pedigree each one of our dogs to build the Von Farmers Schloss line. They are a joy to live with and love.

Von Farmers SChloss German Shepherd puppies are bred out of outstanding parents who have excellent pedigrees, exceptional beautiful red and black pigment. Our puppies are suited for all many facets of work and most of all as an elite family companion.

We selected dogs from excelent European bloodlines. We offer quality puppies bred for temperament, correct struture and working ability. The German Shepherd Dog was conceived and as been bred for well over 100 years with the understanding that it is to be a dog of versatility. We echo this philosophy in our breeding program.

Our program takes into consideration that most of the puppies that are born will go into family pet homes. With tht onsideration in mind, temperament is of great importance. Quality in structure, type, health are of equal imortance and are, therefore, of high priority. We look at dogs that posses excellent health, temperament and correct structure as valuable to our program.

We actively train our dogs to earn the Canine Good Citizen Rataing and now working towards the Advanced Canine Good Citizen Rating.  Training is continual with all our dogs. We highly encourage all new dog owners to do the same at a minimum. Trainig is not only good for youor dog, but will also train you how to train and understand your dog creating better communication/understanding between you both for your lifetime ahead.

We do not train or breed our dogs for Schutzhund. We do train them in excellence in obedience. All our dogs have strong pedigrees in Schutzhund, Police, and Protection work. Many of their siblings are busy as working dogs in many areas. 

Our dogs can and do  living in our home, as well out and about on over 2 acres dedicated just to their own space to run, play, and train. They all have their own oversized kennel space outside in our 20" x 35" dog house, as well a space in our home.

We whelp and raise our puppis in our home. They are handled daily from day one with lots of Love and attention so they become very well socialized. For a very detailed and comprehensive description of how our pups are raised and the many socialization opportunities they experience, please read our page on How We Raise Our Puppies.