Breeders of Quality German Shepherds

In the Heart of Kentucky

How We Raise our Puppies

        Care starts before conception. All our girls are under the care of our Local Veterinarian.

        Our Dogs must be in great physical shape before they are bred. Once a female has been bred, we keep a careful eye on her but she is not babied—that is not healthy. Pregnant females are not kept in a kennel, but are encouraged to have plenty of exercise and fun. The girls are kept happy because any stress can go right through to the pups. We want our girls to have wonderful pregnancies. During this time, they get really sweet and even the strongest of bitches seem to crave (human) female company.
        Our girls have an ultra sound about 30 days after conception to confirm a viable pregnancy. Again about 3 weeks before delivery we ultra sound to try to get a good puppy count and to check for any possible complication or issues we need to prepare for a healthy delivery for mom and pups.
         During whelping we are as non-intrusive as possible. As any woman will tell you, birthing is hard work. It is what any female dog will tell you, too! So we don't distract her or interfere. These ladies see a job and they do it, and we are there to observe and support. If we are needed, we are there.
Birthing is a wonderful excuse for me to settle in the whelping room with a good book in my chair with my blanket. Jim knows exactly where to find me whenever any animal is being born at our house. (Even chickens hatching) I am right there beside them all.  Instinctually, the girls clean their pups and nurse them, as they should. We praise them, stay quiet and calm, and give them raw honey and yogurt if they want nourishment. Ready to assist in any way needed for the health of mom and pups.

The first seven weeks
The Puppies arrive. Phone calls are made down our waiting lists to prospective new owners. Deposit arrangements are made. AKC puppy registrations are sent in to AKC. Puppy videos and photos begin going up on our website and Facebook Page.
          Just as a pregnancy causes great excitement our puppies are greatly fussed over. The first week, we let the Mother rest, finish her raspberry leaf tea and nurse her pups. We sit with the pups, stroke them, and handle their little paws so that they become used to human touch even before they can walk. I will gather them nestled around me resting peacefull between nursing. Our small size gives us many opportunities for special time and individual attention for each and every puppy. We wouldn't have it any other way. There is nothing better than the smell of sweet Puppy Breath.
          Puppies get a lot of playtime and some breed-specific puppy tests we have developed. The pups are exposed to various noises,, floor textures, and regular family rhythms. They get lots of physical affection and tons of kisses on their little faces.  
         At 5 weeks they are finishing up nursing on mom and eating puppy food. The next 3 weeks are spent in what I call “Puppy School”. I will spend 5 – 8 hours a day until they go to their new homes beginning basic training, exposing them to new situations, and working on lots of socializing situations. Their little personalities are really beginning to emerge so we start getting a good idea of what an excellent future home would be best suited for each of them. We take lots of notes which will go home with each puppy.
         At 6 weeks they get their first field trip to the Veterinarian. Of course lots more love and cuddles by the girls there that have been waiting to meet them. A complete physical, shots, deworming and health certificates in hand we trek home all safe and sound after our first outing.
          At 7 weeks we allow first family visits for those who sent in deposits. We will have pre set puppy visitation days for new owners to come meet and begin socializing with their new puppy. Some may need to actually pick out the one they want at this time. If we get a call name that you will be using we will begin using it with your puppy to get them used to it before heading home.
          Week 8 Puppies begin going to their new homes. You should already have your new puppy vet appointment made. They will all be ready for your vets exam as well their 2nd of 4 shots that they require.
          Week 9 Puppies are all settling into new homes with their new families.  We all here are at rest adjusting to life without the puppies. Always for me a little sad until I start seeing them in photos in their new homes. Each litter is so special. I spend so much time with each of them. There is never a puppy we transfer, that we wouldn’t just love to keep as our own. You and your puppy should be sending in your AKC registration papers listing you as the new owner of this fine purebred German Shepherd puppy. Any little ones without a new home, stay with me and continue obedience training. By week 12 they are doing wonderful and their price begins to rise, as they are house trained and regularly behaving with the wonderfull manners of little ladies and gentlemen in public.  (This doesn't happen often, but has on occasion. Which I certainly don't mind at all, I love to watch their eager learning at this age.)
       We care for, with all our time and energy the first 8 weeks of your puppies life. We continue to be here for you if you should need us in any way during the rest of their lives. There is never a goodbye, just until we meet up again, even if just through todays wonderful social media on facebook or emails.